RMMV Parallax Mapping

A back alley of hidden (not well) lil ‘ secrets.

Parallax Mapping is Fun!

Also a time-sink! Less fun in that regard, but all good things take time to make no?

For sometime now I’ve grown fond of making parallax maps! I think they’re quite lovely and allow for more intricacies when paired with a base tiled map!
So, I figured I’d post some examples here! It’s good fun to just play about with. I’ve designed many maps that had no real function other than just to design then. Though, admittedly, these usually turned into something I’d use anyway.

A vistable cafe!
This pawnshop is where the player can purchase some of the decorations in their bedroom.


Wee chibi art of Eustace

I should say too, I actually envy games made purely with tiles. They have this pure aesthetic about them that I fancy. I think either method is great~!

I hope to make some more posts of some more artworks soon! So far I have a bunch of unfinished works and practice pieces. I’ll try to keep this updated whilst my classes intensify. Art is a good break from all that stressful stress.

Published by 13clovers

Hello, I’m an avid writer of fantasy. Currently I’m working on a supernatural fantasy book. I attended university in Japan, and I am practicing Japanese language. My major being Asian Studies. I’m my in-between time I like to meditate, watch anime/TV shows, read, paint, sketch, so on. This blog's purpose is relatively unknown to me. I began it for an outlet other than my books. I'm bumbling around in the dark--I am not published and I'm really not the go-to-person with all the answers, but maybe some wealth can be mined from me for some people--just as I find gold in numerous people who don't realize they are amazing.

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